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hey mama,
great to have you here!

Bringing a baby into the world is a special experience. 
It's important that you look back on that with a positive feeling, so having the right physical and mental support can be very helpful. Baarbamama offers you this, in a way that feels comfortable.  

Anker 1

about me

My name is Nadieh [nah-dee]. I live in Amsterdam and I am the mother of a son named Joek [yook]. It was always my biggest dream to become a mother. That dream suddenly came very close when I got pregnant. At the same time, I became fascinated by the female body and the transformation I was going through. I had to prepare myself physically and mentally for motherhood. Throughout my pregnancy I started to become aware that not just a baby was going to be born, but a new mother as well. And that new mother – especially in the beginning after childbirth, deserves a lot of attention and love as well. And it was that awareness that made me realize my new path in life: to assist new parent as best as possible during this exciting and special time in their life. 

"In other cultures it is very common to spare, pamper and care for the mother for weeks."

what I do

At home, in a hospital or delivery center. Wherever you choose to give birth, Baarbamama goes and stays with you throughout the experience. But before that we need to talk and discuss the various options and choices that can be made so that you go into the labour experience with full confidence.  I also work to prepare you if situations turn out differently that you may have hoped. We may not be able to plan for everything that happens during childbirth, but how you react to it and deal with it certainly can be! 
Where the midwife, nurses, and doctors focus on the medical care throughout the childbirth process, I focus purely on the emotional and mental support. I point out all the options available to you and make sure that you feel supported throughout the entire birthing process. As well, unlike the medical team, I am with you every step of the way. Even after delivery I can be your support in various ways. Select Services and discover what Baarbamama can do for you. 

Jeanice Geluk

“Baarbamama has
really contributed to a
positive pregnancy.”

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